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  • iGNANT

    The installation of British artist Lucy Orta can be seen somewhere between art, fashion, architecture and ecological concerns. Refugee Wear is a project including series of temporary shelters that can be transformed into clothing and transport bags. The series began during the period of the first Gulf War resulting in the stock market crash and […]

    Seit 37 Minuten
  • iGNANT

    The London-based photographer Steph Wilson seamlessly blends fine art and fashion in her eye-catching photographic practice. Read more

    24/08/2016 - 21:00
  • iGNANT

    The greek new media artist Petros Vrellis created a series of “portraits” based on the work of Spanish renaissance painter and sculptor El Greco without making use of a stain and a brush. Vrellis utilizes a single piece of thread and a circular loom to follow a computer-generated pattern created from an uploaded image. Vrellis […]

    24/08/2016 - 18:00